Amgen Biotech Experience



ABE provides teacher professional development, curriculum materials, and research-grade equipment and supplies to secondary schools at no cost. This video explores ABE and the benefits of implementing this program with students.

The LabXchange resources below were developed to support ABE labs and curriculum, and include valuable background information about the biotechnology concepts and techniques. These resources can be used to support students’ learning through a hybrid ABE experience or a fully remote biotechnology learning experience. Additionally, these resources can be used to differentiate instruction in a full in-person learning environment.


This cluster introduces learners to fundamental biotechnology concepts and lab techniques that are part of the ABE Foundations of Biotechnology Labs, including creating a recombinant plasmid, expressing a gene of interest to produce a desired protein, and purifying that protein.


Responding to a Mystery Illness is a self-paced class based on the real events surrounding the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, though the timeline and details may have been changed to allow it to be used for educational purposes. As part of an imaginary WHO team, students help determine which organism is causing a mysterious illness first described in China, try to halt its spread, and begin the work of developing a vaccine.

This resource is also available as an in-person curriculum module on the ABE website.

You can request access to this class by emailing for the class code. Once you are in the class, you can clone the pathways that are included in it so that you can offer this learning experience to your students.


ABE Professional Learning for Teachers

These assets and pathways were developed to support blended and virtual ABE professional learning experiences for teachers.


Access all of the individual assets from the ABE curriculum materials by visiting the ABE Program Office content collaborator page.

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